Thanos is quite a popular cosmic character in the Marvel world or rather unpopular. His campaign to end the world and please death, his long time crush, brings the world to its knees. He causes a lot of havoc, and only a handful of supernatural beings can claim to be his equal.

While he is very much hated throughout the Marvel fandom and for good reason, Thanos is a very interesting character in the Marvel Cosmic Universe, MCU. You may have seen him during screen time or better yet, read about him: However, the true question is: how well do you really know Thanos?

Here are a few mind-blowing facts you didn't know about Thanos!

1. His Father and Grandfather Conspired to Kill Him

Thanos was a pacifist and his search for more power and chaos led to unseen havoc and misery across the universe. In an effort to stop him, his father Mentor and grandfather Kronos, both of who were very powerful, created a being whose sole purpose and mission in life was to kill Thanos.

This being later on came to be known as Drax The Destroyer who proved to be a formidable foe for Thanos but not formidable enough. Drax was originally from Earth, one Arthur Douglas, who was later on killed by a paranoid Thanos only to be revived by Kronos and put in a different body with new capabilities.

Mentor Alars thanos father
Mentor A'lars the Father of Thanos

2. Thanos once lost a fight to Squirrel Girl

The mad titan, cunning as he may be, met his match this one time in a battle and was defeated despite being fueled by the life force of an entire planet at the moment. Thanos was humiliated by Squirrel Girl, otherwise known as Doreen Green, who possesses extraordinary squirrel abilities and can control most, if not all, squirrels.

This comes as a surprise as Thanos is generally stronger on his own, and to be defeated whilst getting even more stronger from an additional power source is no easy feat. However, it happened and squirrel girl got plenty of accolades earning her an alias among the greatest: Slayer of all that Breathes.

3. Thanos celebrated Christmas every year

Thanos made it a habit to celebrate Christmas each and every year. He always bought gifts every time the birth of Jesus would come around and, to top it all up, he always brought a Christmas tree too. Mind-blowing right?

So what is the logic behind this? Why would a power-hungry-death-obsessed eternal titan have a keen interest in the otherwise Christian related holiday? Here's why;

Thanos engineered christmas to somewhat be a special day for his Daughter Gamora: and indeed it was. He set aside this special day every year to be her birthday complete with gift giving and celebrations.

The main aim here was to provide Gamora with what he thought was a normal life so that she wouldn't grow up to be a complete psychopath with no capacity of reason and empathy. This day was very important to Thanos that he even called for peace and sent gifts to remaining family members.

4. Thanos is an ETERNAL born with the Deviant Syndrome

Thanos is descended from Mentor, the founding father of the second colony of Eternals. At birth, he was diagnosed with the Deviant Syndrome which meant that he looked more like the enemies of the Eternals: The Deviants.

The bullish titan was so ugly that he drove his mother mad. His skin was purple and hideous. Owing to this, Thanos only played with his brother Eros and avoided contact with others as much as possible.

He later on through meditation and bionic processes manifested his power to become more powerful compared to the other titans. This would later fuel his obsession with death and in return cause him to murder his entire family.

Eternals cast
The cast of the upcoming eternals movie, which could have a deviant connection to Thanos

5. Thanos is a loving father

Regardless of what you may think. Thanos was a father to many and like most fathers, he loved his children. His adopted daughter Gamora in particular was the apple of his eye, or so we might say. He went to extra lengths just so Gamora would live a relatively normal life in a rather cruel world and not end up being an emotionless killing machine. This is ironical as Thanos is viewed as an emotionless psycho.

Thanos also had a son known as Thanes, his last known biological child, who at first was nothing like his father but later grew up to be very powerful and as similar in appearance. Thanes was begotten when Thanos and his army stumbled upon the Lor tribe of Inhumans and one inhuman woman returned home pregnant.

Other Children of Thanos include Rot, his child with Death and Ronan. Sad story however is that over the course of time he hunted and killed many of his children.

6. A member of his family was an Avenger

Thanos is the eldest son of two Eternal Titans: His father A'Lars, otherwise known as Mentor, and Mother Sui-San. He had a younger brother known as Eros who grew into a good-looking carefree man, a complete contrast between the two, notoriously known for womanizing.

Eros would later join the avengers in a bid to stop his brother from destroying the world and, most importantly, to exert revenge following the killing of their mother during an attack coordinated by Thanos.

The battle is fought and here, Thanos looses. Eros continues to fight alongside the avengers under a new alias 'Starfox' for a few more months where he opts to leave and go look for Nebula who he knows to be his Niece.

Infinity Gauntlet 1
Infinity Gauntlet #1, the story the movie Infinity War was based on.

7. He has several clones for his adversaries

Thanos roamed the universe whilst studying most of its heroes. He mastered the art of genetics coupled with sorcery and some cloning techniques then proceeded to create clones of various superheroes laced with his DNA. He created a variety of these clones some of which were versions of Professor X, Iron Man, Galactus, Doctor Strange and Gladiator.

These clones were useful to him in alot of ways. For starters, he would use the clones to compare the strength and composure of his enemies before he could attack them.

He also has his own army of generic clones tweaked to look exactly just like him. He named them the "Thanosi" which he more than often could use during war and to cover up incase he lost a battle. It would be said that it was only just one of his clones.

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8. He was once arrested by Normal Cops while flying around in a helicopter

Yes, you read that right, a helicopter! Thanos had his own helicopter which he named the 'Thanos Copter'. It had a large print of his name, Thanos, on the side. Talk about being extra.

In this scenario, Thanos is flying around in his 'Copter' when he tries to steal the Cosmic Cube only to be stopped by a duo, hellcat and Spiderman.

The cops were called on him and he was arrested then taken to jail. Not as satisfying as an ass whopping from Squirrel girl but equally deserved.

And there you have it! 8 interesting and amazing facts you didn't know about the big bad titan, Thanos. But now you do ;)

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