Loki might not be everyone's favorite among MCU characters, and this is because of the role he played as a villain. Loki is known as the god of mischief, which means wherever he goes, mischief must follow. He has survived so many death scenarios. All this was possible due to his witty behavior. With the Loki solo series released, we fans can see and anticipated that we might not have seen the last of Loki.

We can all see that season one of the Loki series was filled with captivating events and memories that made us think twice about whether Loki is a villain or the circumstance around him that made him a villain. Hold that thought right there!!! Ever thought if you can portray the characteristics of Loki as a villain? Lol, just messing with you. Below are what you can learn from Loki as a villain...


1. Just be yourself

Loki understands that despite being Odin's son, people still won't acknowledge him as a god because of his witty behavior. He knows that there is no way he can please the people of Asgard. He decided to play his character to the fullest by creating chaos and mischief around him. There is potential inside you despite what people might say. Don't give in to whatever people might say. Just live to your potential. But don't be naughty like Loki be otherwise.

2. Be careful on how you speak

Loki might be the most intelligent character in the room; he also knows how to manipulate people around him and bend them to do his will. But if you can recall the moment Thor returned to Asgard. He could notice that Loki was impersonating their father, and this was possible because Thor knew Loki always brag about himself and his achievement. It is paramount for you to know the right time to speak and the time not to tell. Loki might not be your favorite, but damn!!! He is a man that would always make his presence count on an occasion or gathering.

3. when you made a mistake, admit you are wrong

Being a villain always has its perks on vulnerability; Loki has always seen himself as soon would conquer the world and make everyone bow to his wish. Despite all his failed attempts, if and only if he apologizes for his mistake either to his father, Thor, or the Avengers, then he might not be seen as a villain. But who wants to see Loki on the good side? No one because his character looks more villainous whenever he plays a baddie. Admitting to your mistakes or wrongdoing doesn't make you weak or less inferior, but it makes you look like a badass with emotions.

4. Never doubt or underlook anyone

The most extraordinary power wielded by Loki is being considered an underdog. Most of his opponents often see him as foolish and don't know what he is doing. Whereas it is all a lie before Loki could descend into battle, he has already created a mischievous plan that always helped him invade any unforeseen struggle, and he always escapes with ease. A scenario was his fight with Thanos, who knew Loki has a hidden blade. We all knew that his moves were stupid and looked somehow, but yet we still acknowledge his brave act to stand up against a villain like Thanos.

Everyone working in TVA underestimated Loki from the series Loki, but he proved all of them wrong by causing havoc, nexus event, and locating the TVA founder. Be witty can be awesome most times because people can only predict your next move, but they don't know what you are capable of doing. Be witty like Loki but don't be mischievous like him.

5. People always fall for the goofy ones

Smiling can be seen as Loki's signature whenever we see Loki similar in any MCU movie. You have to know that he is up to mischievous, whereas most Marvel characters or other villains often fell for his smile, but whenever Loki is up smiling, trust me, he has an escape plan cooked up somewhere, just waiting for the right time. But how does Loki use a smile to manipulate people? Smile is a contagious effect that often masks anyone's main intention. With this, Loki has a powerful weapon, and guess what that power is? Simile. Probably Marvel forgets to list this as one of his power but always smiles.


6. Having a change of heart matters

Loki has always wanted to prove his loyalty and show his good side to everyone around him, but no one believes or trusts him because of his witty and naughty behavior. In avengers end game; end game, Thor was surprised to see his brother fighting with Thanos to Loki losing his life in the scenario. Also, can we take a brief look into the MCU Loki series? You will noticed that Loki's intention in this series was to portray a hero and not a villain. I believe most villains often have a change of heart at someplace in their villain hood journey. I hope we can see more of Loki's heroic deed in the next season of the Loki series. I know we all can't wait to see what our villainy is up to? Oh sorry!! Or what our heroic Loki has up in his sleeve.

Although Loki's shenanigans might be much to accept under that armor of him portraying as a villain, he still has the heart of a good man, but we can't tell what Loki is always up to we expect from the god of mischief. Oops!!! I might have left out the juiciest part of this article. As confirmed on Disney plus channel will be released on January 2023. I hope the date could be near, but we have no choice. What do you think about Loki as a character?

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