First of all let me get this out of the way... I do not work for Marvel, am not sponsored by Marvel, and have no secret insight into Marvel Studios WARroom (at least not that I'm willing to admit. :o) However, due to my long history reading Marvel comics and nonstop analytical brain, I have been consistently correct on a number of recent MCU theories. More specifically, I predicted the Timekeepers were a hack and Kang was behind it all way back after Loki Episode 1! In case you need proof, here's the TikTok I made about it...


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But back to the Ancient One...

In Loki Episode 5 there were a number of interesting artifacts scattered around the Void (aka a location of all that is left at the end of time). Stark Towers has been mentioned frequently, which makes total sense being that in the comics (Avengers #0) Tony Stark sold it to Kang's company, QENG enterprises. What hasn't been mentioned is that the Sanctum Sanctorum, the residence of the Sorcerer Supreme aka Dr Strange, and prior to him his predecessor the Ancient One, was ALSO in the Void. Say WHAT?!?!

Sanctum void
Sanctum Sanctorum in the Void from @drstrangeupdate on Twitter

Big thanks to @drstrangeupdate and others across the interwebs for providing us with detailed images. BUT what is it doing there?!? I have a theory as to why, that I feel pretty good about.

Prior to the Loki series alternate timelines had begun being mentioned. However, nobody had much concern about creating them... EXCEPT The Ancient One. A matter of fact when Bruce Banner went to visit her in Avengers: Endgame to retrieve the Time Stone, her primary reason for not giving it to him was to prevent alternate timelines from branching off.

Hulk Meets the Ancient One in Avengers: Endgame

Now she suggests that the danger is that alternate timelines will be left without infinity Stones to protect them. But I'm not buying that. We know now that there more powerful elements at work in the Marvel Cosmic, and the Sorcerer Supremes ability to see across realities would make her savvy to this as well. It's just way too ironic that the Ancient One is the ONLY person other than Kang to be so extremely concerned about protecting the one sacred timeline. Her mission was the same as the TVA... Prune alternate branches, preserve the main timeline. And what ties it all together is that she has a residence sitting at the end of time in the Void.

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So did show somehow know about Kang and his agenda, or was she possibly even working with him? I say HELL YEAH she was. And to top it off, she's still exists and is residing in the Sanctum Sanctorum in the Void. NME has reported that Tilda Swinton the actor that plays the Ancient One in the MCU, has been asking Marvel Studios for a spinoff. Could such a reemergence happen in Marvel's Studio's upcoming movie: Dr Strange and the Multiverse of Madness? There's no evidence yet, but definitely seems plausible.

I'm rarely 100% off on my theories, however predicting all of the finer details are near impossible. So I'll continue to update and revise this article as we learn more. So stay tuned, and subscribe so you don't miss out!

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