Fans of the MCU came in for a treat when Marvel announced back-to-back projects that were to be released throughout the year and in upcoming years. Marvel is giving us banger after banger with each new release. One such banger from the amazing line-up is Black Widow. The female avenger we all have loved so much has finally got her own movie and we are loving it. Natasha Romanoff is seen in her Spy avatar before she became an Avenger and like she always does, she has stolen all the hearts. Even though most of us have already seen the movie, the excitement and giddiness from the movie remain. And to those who have not seen the movie, DO IT ASAP! But either way, we all agree that Black Widow is just marvelous and everyone needs a Natasha in their life.

Since none of us can have the real Natasha (sadly), we have compiled a number of collectibles and merch that you can own instead. Proudly flaunt your love for Black Widow (The OG queen of the Avengers) with these.

1. Black Widow Lapel Pin

This is the smallest, pretty affordable and yet the most versatile Black widow collectible you can own. The Black Widow Lapel Pin. The name suggests that it should be worn on a lapel but really, there are no rules. Pair it up with your favorite outfit or pin it up to your bag to give it a funky look. These pins can be flaunted on your caps, your pockets, your purses, and more. The choices are endless. While you’re showing off your love for Black widow, you’re also being fashionable. Isn’t that a deal to have? Though small, these pins are durable and are going to be with you for a long time. View the Black Widow Lapel Pin on Amazon.

2. Black Widow Wall Poster

Wall posters have been a way to show the love for your fandom for ages now. In a digital world, Wall posters sound ancient but still, they continue to have a place in our hearts. Use this black widow poster to give your room a vintage look, make your dorm look badass, put it up in your locker or paste it in your cupboard. Every time you look at it, you are gonna be inspired for sure. You can also get the Yelena poster with this and let the spy sisters adorn your home and heart. View the Black Widow Poster on Amazon.

3. Black Widow Boxing Gloves

Now, this is something out of the box. All the Gym Freaks, boxing enthusiasts, and beginners who are getting into boxing hear-hear, this one is for you. Black Widow Boxing gloves are made meticulously to match your favorite Avenger. These come with amazing wrist support and knuckle protection to aid with effortless training and practice and prevents injuries or risky bends of any kind. These are comfortable and handcrafted with high-quality materials so that you get only the best. You can do Mix martial arts, Kickboxing, and more with these gloves. If you ever wanted to be as strong as Natasha or fight as well as her, here’s your chance. View Boxing Gloves on Amazon for Black Widow and other Marvel Characters.

4. Black Widow Funko Pop

Every collection is incomplete without Funkos. Funko Pops are very popular and most collectors love to have these and use them to decorate their cupboards, bookshelves, flowerpots, and more. This Black Widow Funko is special as she comes in her white suit, all set to leap into action. This Black Widow Funko is 3.75 inches in size, just perfect for display. A lot of collectors like to display their Funkos with the box and if you are one of such collectors, worry not, the box condition is amazing too.

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5. The Black Widow Mask

This is probably one of the most useful merchandise right now. Living in a pandemic is hard, so let the Black widow mask make it easy for you. The mask is made up of high-quality polyester with 5 layers for your safety and still is pretty breathable. It has a proper ear elastic for comfort and a snug fit. It is reusable and washable so you don’t have to part with Natasha anytime soon. The Black Widow design looks cool and proudly shows your allegiance to Natasha to the world. This mask comes in a few more designs, make sure you get them all. This mask is available at Amazon for Black Widow and other Marvel characters.

6. The Black Widow Pillowcase

This Pillowcase is a shortcut to the Avengers world. Just put the case on your pillow and not only will pack your room with adventure but also, you’ll dream of fighting evil with Black Widow herself. The Pillowcase is made up of Microfiber for comfort and is very fashionable. It is 20 x 30 inches in size and made for all age groups. These also make for great gifts since they come with wonderful designs and are immensely useful. The best thing about these is, if you feel scared at night, you can always hug your pillow and you’ll have a black widow for your protection. Click here to view the Black Widow Pillowcase on Amazon.

7. The Black Widow Subscription Box

If you are confused with all these different options to choose from then you can go for a subscription box. This box brings you several premium goodies. It comes with two figurines, a T-shirt, a pin, and a sticker. This Black Widow box is packed with action and adventure and will surely fulfill your merch needs. It is more reasonable too, as you’re getting more products at a lesser price. It is not only a box, it’s a portal to the world of Black Widow. Go get it and flaunt your fandom pride in various ways. Click here to view the Black Widow Subscription Box at Amazon.

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