If you enjoyed the Loki series on Disney Plus, and happen to have a 3D printer (or know somebody with one), then you've got to check this out!

A 3D print designer at Thingiverse (an online repository if 3d prints for designers and printers) named Gerardo Mendoza created a design of Miss Minutes that prints beautifully. I have printed it by scaling at multiple sizes, even up to 450% (see the video below) and they all printed great. Everyone loves it and has asked for a copy.

The character's large body and thin legs, which are true to the TV series, make it top heavy, so you'd need to add weights to the feet to get it to stand upright without support. However, she/he? is perfectly happy propped up or hanging on a wall. Print it in orange and you don't even need to sand, paint and finish it. Click here to view and download the design on thingiverse.com.

If you don't have a 3D printer but would still like to get your hands on a Miss Minutes 3D print, contact us, and maybe we can figure something out.

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