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Reality Gems is an internet research and web development services practice, with a unique research-driven approach to development. We adhere to the best practices of today, with research that builds towards the technology of tomorrow.


At the forefront of tomorrow's internet is blockchain technology, a decentralized network infrastructure that increases security and transparency, with cost savings and many new efficiencies.

Our research into this emerging technology led us to partner with ARCollective, a next-generation Crytpocurrency trading community and research group.

Together we are custom building a one of a kind Cryptocurrency online trading academy, resource library and web community. Among many new features is authentication integrated with the Discord's API OAuth2 protocol, for seamless member access without registration.

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Languages & Frameworks

We accomplish a lot, because we've seen a lot. From the earliest origins of dialup, read-only internet; to the interactive, data-driven Web 2.0 that we're emersed in today. We've lived it, coded it, and know what it takes to succeed, not only today, but in the emerging Web 3.0 of tomorrow.

When it comes to development stacks, we've worked with about all of them, including PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Bootstrap, TWIG, Handlebars, JavaScript, ECMASCript, jQuery, MySQL, SQL Server, and more.

Exit 85

Music is an industry leaping into Web3 with NFT's and Metaverse technology, but with very practical Web2 marketing and demand generation needs today.

Exit 85, one of the hottest rock cover bands in the Souteast came to us for help bridging this gap. We provided them custom website user-experience, complete with affiliate marketing, demand generation, audio/video editing, event management and much more.

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Demand Generation

Your project deserves a solution that can remain relevant in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, while still making an impact immediately.

We use the latest practices and toolsets to make sure your project has the right audience, including SEO, Google Analytics, Core Web Vitals, Social Media optimizations, online advertising, lead generation, and more.

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Empowered with data, research, analysis and proficiency, we align your web needs today with a vision of the future, to guide you on a clear path towards the next generation internet.

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  • The Future
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  • Decentralization
  • Interoperability
  • User-Driven Data Privacy
  • Artificial Intelligence
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  • Virtual Reality & the Metaverse

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Development + Research + Analysis

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